A hardcover notebook is practical and sustainable. The notebook is fully flexible yet stylish and incorporates the right elements. The possibilities are endless.

This notebook’s robustness and striking design is what makes it so appealing. It maintains its luxurious feel and is easy to take anywhere. The possibilities are almost endless.
A hardcover notebook is the perfect example of how simplicity is made appealing.
identity-notebook.com has a wide and versatile range of hardcover notebooks that are fully customisable with your company’s logo. Each notebook can be designed to seamlessly match your company’s visual identity. What’s left is to complete your notebook with striking coloured details. This can be achieved by selecting options such as an elastic closure, a ribbon bookmark and pen holder.
In addition, there are endless possibilities to choose from on our website when it comes to your personalised hardcover notebook. Besides balacron (artificial leather with 15 colour options), you can also select other types of materials for the cover, including felt, aluminium and fabric.
Design your own notebook
Are you looking for a high-quality hardcover notebook with your own personalised design? Take a look at the examples in our web shop, implement your own design or ask one of our designers to create a hardcover notebook for you. Request a non-binding quote for a unique hardcover notebook. Or let us know what your budget is.

Notebooks that never cease to inspire