Textiles technology group Royal Ten Cate (TenCate) is a Dutch multinational company that develops and creates solutions sold worldwide for the protection of people, as well as their working and living environment.


In order to create an exclusive notebook for their corporate gift, TenCate provided us with a fabric which we used as the cover material. This fabric is exclusively produced by TenCate and is used to make protective clothing, such as the uniforms worn by the U.S. Army.


A distinct TenCate look and feel is realised through the combination of the end sheets, the ribbon bookmark and orange pen holder, as well as the fabric brand tag as finishing touch.


The east part of the Netherlands has a rich history involving the textile industry. Royal Ten Cate is a good example of this. The company started out as a family business and is now a listed, global market leader in the field of fabrics and chemicals. Systems manufactured by TenCate are incorporated in various market segments, including aerospace, military & police, industrial solutions, utilities and road construction. TenCate’s products also expand into the recreational sector through the manufacturing of synthetic grass.


A good example of a TenCate product is the Defender M, a protective fabric which is fire and acid resistant. It is the same fabric used for the notebook’s cover and is also part of the uniforms worn by the U.S. Navy and Army.


The combination of the end sheets with an orange elastic closure and pen holder that matches TenCate’s visual identity creates a striking contrast.


This is realised through the fabric TenCate provided. It’s the same fabric used in the uniforms worn by the U.S. Army.


The applied brand tag makes TenCate’s iDENTITY directly noticeable.

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