This concept notebook is a good example of iDENTITY’s level of creativity. Our assignment was to design a notebook that allows the owner to add his own meaning to the cover. That’s how we designed a notebook that everyone can recognise as their own, unique notebook.

wood, leather or plastic. The dotted pattern symbolises the foundation of connections made by using the included drawstrings. These coloured strings can be laced into text, symbols or patterns. This is how we came up with the ‘Let’s Connect’ theme.

Besides this, the dotted pattern has a deeper, more scientific origin. Researchers from around the world continuously struggle to fully grasp the mathematical theory where a dotted pattern allows for a path to cross each vertex exactly once. The limitation is that every dot may only be used once and each vertex has to be connected either via a ‘knight’s tour’ or singular move. This is called the Hamiltonian circuit, although it wasn’t invented by our own Hamilton (that’s purely coincidental). On the right, you can see an example of this type of mathematical image.

The contents and printing of the notebook can vary, based on your preferences. Each notebook also comes with a fun set of coloured drawstrings.


Hamilton Lopez is a freelance designer with a stack of creative experience in the field of B2B and consumer communication. Hamilton can also design your next notebook. Interested?


All those punctured dots don’t make the notebook very sturdy. That’s why we’ve chosen for metal, wood and leather.


The Let’s Connect notebook works with pen and paper, but also with needle and thread.


Approximately 200 blank pages modestly support your message.


Create an unforgettable message with an extra wrapper or inner pocket that showcases your message.

Notebooks that never cease to inspire