FedEx Trade Network provides international freight services and utilises the method and delivery service that best suits the customer’s needs, in regard to both costs and schedules. FedEx integrates air and ocean shipping with customs clearance, trade & customs advice and other valuable services.


Besides our custom-made quarterly calendars, we also annually design a notebook for FedEx TN. The notebook’s cover is made up of a full-colour photo of a beautiful city from around the world. Each year, we choose a different city to star on the cover.


The notebook includes a matte scratch-resistant laminated cover for protection. It also contains an elastic closure, pen holder, ribbon bookmark and an expandable inner pocket. Besides that, the notebook has purple lined pages and each right page contains the FedEx Trade Network logo in two colours.


FedEx is founded in 1971 in Little Rock, Arkansas (USA). With the increase in air transport, the company later relocated to Memphis, Tennessee (USA). FedEx is active on a global scale in the distribution of express mail, documents and packages, both on ground and in the air. The majority of FedEx’s activities are realised in the U.S., but the courier delivery services company has clear ambitions to enter markets in Europe and the Far East.


In 2016, FedEx acquired the Dutch company TNT Express. The merging of these two delivery services allowed for the group to become the second largest express delivery services company worldwide, behind DHL.


The cover is filled with a full-colour printed photo with a matte scratch-resistant laminated cover for protection.


The notebook’s contents include the FedEx Trade Network logo in two colours, printed on each right page.

Notebooks that never cease to inspire